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Avalanches – The Silent Killers

“Avalanches don’t discriminate. They are equal opportunity killers, and they affect everyone on the mountain! All people engaging in snow sports activities in the backcountry must, thus, be aware of them.”

Freeriding and ski touring have by now become trend sports activities. An increasing number of people decide to enjoy their snow sports activities in the backcountry. They want to stay away from the hectic and the chaos on the groomed slopes.

Avalanches in the Himalayas

Avalanche Crown on Mt. Apharwat at 4’200m in Gulmarg, Kashmir

Skiing and snowboarding in deep snow are indeed fantastic leisure time activities. They help to forget the day to day routines and provide opportunities for self-fulfillment. Besides, freeriding, ski touring and snowshoe hiking give us a chance to test our limits and to learn to overcome our fears. And they allow us to share unique experiences and unforgettable moments with family and friends.  Read more »


Ski Terrain & Snow Conditions in Gulmarg

Ski Terrain & Snow Conditions in Gulmarg

Since the opening of phase 2 of the Mt. Apharwat gondola in the winter 2005/2006 the popularity of Gulmarg as backcountry and adventure ski destination has continuously risen. The number of visitors and participants in our programs has also increased during this time and every winter we welcome now several dozens of enthusiastic skiers and snowboarders from all over the world in the Himalaya and introduce them to the terrain and the incredible views on the mountains like on the 8’126m high Nanga Parbat on the picture below.

With the increased popularity of this winter sports resort it is important to give visitors an opportunity to inform themselves fully about what is expecting them in Gulmarg. Read more »