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Snowfall in Gulmarg – The best Period to Visit

Since 2006, the website FSH – The Gulmarg Snow Experts with information about our backcountry skiing packages is online, a little later also our corresponding FSH – Free Ski Himalaya facebook page was published, too. Despite the clear definition of the beginning and end dates of typical ski season on our website, I still receive a lot of inquiries about the snow conditions in Gulmarg, mostly from India but also from other countries.

Himalaya Backcountry Skiing

Out in the Untracked Ski Terrain in Gulmarg

With this blog information on the different periods with snow in Gulmarg is provided so that interested visitors can plan their trips accordingly. Two questions need, therefore, to be answered:

  • In which period is the terrain in Gulmarg really snow covered, and
  • Which is the best period for skiers to visit Gulmarg

When is Gulmarg covered in Snow?

We can say that normally the terrain above the gondola middle station (3’050 m) remains snow covered from mid-November till around the end of May. Read more »


Fit for the Himalaya

Whenever people plan a trekking or ski vacation in the Himalaya they start thinking about fitness requirements and try to find some helpful information. With this article I write about my training methods and describe the most relevant points for getting fit for a sports holiday in high altitudes.everest-summit-ridge

It doesn’t matter whether you plan to participate in an expedition to summit an 8’000m peak or whether you intend to enjoy a ski or trekking vacation in the Himalaya Mountains – a sound physical and mental condition is a prerequisite for being able to fully enjoy such an adventure holiday and also to avoid becoming victim of acute mountain sickness (AMS).

To get ready for a trip to the high mountain area of the Himalaya it is therefore important to build a reasonable physical fitness level and to develop the right mental attitude. Read more »


thoughts on skiing in the himalaya

A ski vacation means for most people usually a trip to a ski resort in the wider surroundings of their permanent place of residence. Only few are thinking of exploring the planet for new destinations and some can’t even imagine that there exist other gondola serviced ski areas than those in Alps, the Rocky Mountains and a few other areas in our parts of the world. However there are a few hidden spots which offer more than a typical holiday in a conventional winter sports resort. Warren Miller’s video trailer on Gulmarg in Kashmir provides you with a first impression of a Himalayan ski resort.

My first skiing experience in the Himalayas dates back to 1991 when I joined a heli skiing program in Manali, in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. This was to be my only ski experience in the Himalayas for a long time. Read more »