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Gulmarg Cat Skiing – Winter 2010/2011 in the Himalaya

Gulmarg Cat Skiing – Winter 2010/2011 in the Himalaya

As we enter the second half of 2010 it is time to share our information on the coming ski season in the Himalaya with all interested parties, the new types of programs on offer, the lodging options available and the safety situation in Kashmir.

At present Free Ski Himalaya is actively monitoring all the different elements that need to be considered when planning a ski trip into the Himalaya Mountains. With this blog we would like to share with you what new skiing opportunities can be expected there next winter and what could impact your travel plans.

So far Gulmarg remains the only winter sports destination in the Himalaya that offers real skiing opportunities. Of course there is also a reasonable infrastructure with ski and chairlifts available Read more »


gulmarg 2010 – a heli skiing experience by cable car

Many skiers and snowboarders who enjoy freeriding in deep powder snow dream about being able to enjoy heli skiing one day too. Unfortunately for many this remains an unfulfilled dream, mainly because this exclusive pleasure has its price. The typical costsHeli Ski Terrain for a week of heli skiing (5 to 6 freeriding days!) are between 4’000 EUR and 8’000 EUR, an amount that is a huge expenditure for most and exceeds the holiday budget options of a large portion of the freeriding community, even in good times.

Up to a couple of years ago it was still possible for freeriders to enjoy powder snow skiing on untracked fields in a number of cable car serviced ski areas in Europe and other western ski resorts. However, with the appearance of snowboards and the introduction of wide freeriding skis this has changed considerably. Today the capacities of freeriding terrains available in the proximity of cable car serviced ski areas are no longer Read more »


hotel accommodation in gulmarg

When traveling to foreign countries the search of a suitable accommodation or an acceptable hotel becomes a key part in the planning process. Especially when planning a ski trip into the Himalayas the selection of the ideal hotel accommodation is key to avoid turning the winter holiday into survival training. (on hotel issues read also my blog Season Review 2010)

hotel in gulmarg

When I traveled to the ski resort of Gulmarg in Kashmir for the first time in the winter of 2005/2006 I learnt the hard way what can be experienced when believing in his own capabilities to find a suitable hotel accommodation on the spot and at a price level which corresponds to the hotel prices that are common in this part of the world. Read more »


thoughts on skiing in the himalaya

A ski vacation means for most people usually a trip to a ski resort in the wider surroundings of their permanent place of residence. Only few are thinking of exploring the planet for new destinations and some can’t even imagine that there exist other gondola serviced ski areas than those in Alps, the Rocky Mountains and a few other areas in our parts of the world. However there are a few hidden spots which offer more than a typical holiday in a conventional winter sports resort. Warren Miller’s video trailer on Gulmarg in Kashmir provides you with a first impression of a Himalayan ski resort.

My first skiing experience in the Himalayas dates back to 1991 when I joined a heli skiing program in Manali, in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. This was to be my only ski experience in the Himalayas for a long time. Read more »