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Skiing in Perfect Snow

“People must again find pleasure in skiing and must, therefore, be offered new opportunities to enjoy this sport undisturbed and in a relaxed environment!”

Inspiring more people to ski and proposing new options to practice this sport undisturbed and in a relaxed environment is the task for all winter sports market players; tourist destinations, cable car operators, and outdoors companies who propose ski programs. With our backcountry skiing programs in the Himalaya and our powder skiing training courses in Gstaad, we are contributing to this initiative.

backcountry skiing in switzerland

Powder Skiing Hinteres Eggli Gstaad

In this blog, I try to describe today’s ski market from my own perspective and to present how outdoor companies can enhance their programs to meet the expectations of tomorrow’s skiers.


Over the past 20 years, the “amateur” ski sports have undergone considerable changes. Despite that many ski resorts have continued to compete in the increase of cable car transport capacities and in the creation of countless groomed slopes, so called “skiing highways”. Read more »


Young Ski Instructors on a Mission

In 2009 the New Zealand Ski Club of Kashmir brought 8 young ski instructors from Australia, New Zealand, UK, Argentine and France to Gulmarg in Kashmir to teach the young children in this remote area how to ski. In his recent video Jack McCowan gives an account of the experience those ski instructors made when they were there. The video speaks for itself and shows how much the efforts of these young volunteers were appreciated by the kids and how much they enjoyed their first skiing experience.

These young ski instructors must be applauded for their selfless engagement and be thanked for a fantastic job done! They have contributed a lot by giving to many of these kids probably a ” once in a life time experience” and to some they may even have taught the basic skills that could motivate them to design their own future as skiing and mountaineering professionals.

We all can contribute to a brighter future for this young generation by visiting this Himalaya ski resort and by promoting it to all our friends and skiers or snowboarders we know.