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Gulmarg References

Since the opening of the cable car to Mt. Apharwat (3’990m) in the winter of 2005/2006 we welcomed a growing number of participants in our programs from all over the world and had an opportunity to explore with them this fantastic ski area in the Himalayas.

Trips to Kashmir and other regions in the Himalaya always give raise to a number of questions. Especially in a period when most sales talks and personal consultation is done mostly online and on the web the feedback of former travelers to Gulmarg becomes a very useful element in the decision making process. We are therefore pleased of being allowed to publish below a number of opinions and testimonials from Free Ski Himalaya customers with the links to their respective blogs and public picture/video portals:

“For me a dream has become reality. For years I had the intention to travel to the Himalaya, to experience the feeling of skiing in these mountains and to enjoy the peace and the sights, to look up at an 8’000m peak from 4’500m – simply to be on the Roof of the World. On my trip to Gulmarg I have only seen a small part of what makes the Himalaya. I can only assume what this vast mountain range has to offer and therefore I still continue to dream…….and dream on and on…..and I will be back. With Chris I would feel comfortable to go anywhere in these massive mountains.

Andreas Buhr, Sales- & Leadership Trainer, Düsseldorf/Germany, Andreas’ Blog, facebook, youtube video

Gulmarg is huge, wild and incredible. It is Jackson Hole times 5 for readily accessible skiable terrain. I have done big mountain skiing in many places around the world and this is one of the greatest ski adventures I have ever experienced. The terrain is awesome and the Kashmiri cultural experience is unique and unforgettable. In order to fully experience Gulmarg, I would highly recommend Chris Werren of Free Ski Himalaya who has the most professional, knowledgeable and safe guide service in the area. Chris will also handle all lodging and ground transportation arrangements and he was invaluable in the overall planning of our trip.

Mike Fitz, Boulder, Colorado/USA

“It was a stroke of luck that I discovered Chris Werren when I was researching the opportunities of “Skiing in the Himalaya”. During the nearly one year long planning phase of our trip Chris has proved to be a helpful and patient but above all a very competent and trustworthy contact and adviser. We were very happy when we finally met Chris personally in Srinagar in January 2010.”

“Chris is a professional organizer and guide. We enjoyed a fully customized program adapted to our expectations up to the smallest detail. We were well taken care of and therefore every day became an unforgettable experience.”

Hans-Peter Haberlandner, Salzburg/Austria, Hans-Peters’ Blog, youtube video

“As you know I spent a wonderful time with you and your team in Gulmarg and Srinagar. I enjoyed the descents in the deep Himalayan powder very much and for me who grew up in Courmayeur on the foot of the Mont Blanc this was a marvelous experience. Never will I forget the “bear tracks” in the snow, the wilderness of the landscape and the runs with you and Mushtaq on the steep slopes of Mt. Apharwat. I thank you and hope to return to Gulmarg again with my friends.”

MD Edoardo Formento, Colorectal Surgeon University Hospital Molinette, Turin/Italy

“Our team of 5 freeriders from Bavaria first intended to organize our trip to Gulmarg ourselves. However, when we discovered Free Ski Himalaya’s website we decided to let a professional like Chris organize the trip for us, a decision we never regretted. Pick up at the airport in Srinagar, hotels, lift passes, jeep transfers – everything was perfectly arranged. Thanks to our local guide Mushtaq we always found the best spots for “first tracks”. It was an unforgettable journey to a destination that is more than just ski resort.”

Heinz Becher, Regensburg/Germany, youtube video

“The time we spent in Gulmarg was an exceptional experience, not despite but because of the unexpected incidents – I believe these should be part of an adventure trip! You have always been very focused on satisfying all our wishes but you also let us know your concerns when necessary – in one word “the best guide” I had the pleasure to meet over the past years.”

Herwig Aistleitner, Salzburg/Austria

“I enjoyed two great two weeks in Gulmarg in February 2010 and had a rich mountain experience with Free Ski Himalaya despite the not always perfect weather and snow conditions. The on the spot organization was superbly coordinated by Chris and therefore it was possible for the guests to fully concentrate on their freeriding adventures.

Andy Nesch, Stuttgart/Germany

“That’s sheer madness, I am regularly thinking of our time in India. I talked about this exciting trip to my parents, brother, grandfather and friends – this experience, the special impressions and all the information we would never have gained without you, thereof I am convinced. This trip will remain an unforgettable period during all my life.”

Kay Fitzner, Regensburg/Germany

And finally a quote about their ski vacation in Gulmarg from Andy and Mike’s blog:

“Early this morning we left from the most bizarre, the most exotic and strangest ski resort of the world! We also said good bye to the most peculiar, the nicest and nearly unspoiled people on earth! The advertising for Kashmir hits the point – It’s Heaven!”

This small stretch of land embedded in the world’s largest mountain range is a place of extremes. It can be said “There is skiing before Kashmir and there is skiing after Kashmir” – Andy and myself have become fans!!! Thank you Chris – it has been very “eventful and exciting”, an adventure that will never be forgotten.”

Mike Steinhauser, Andy Winklmair, München/Germany, Andy & Mike’s Blog

We would be pleased if these testimonials could inspire you to participate in an exceptional ski trip and assist you in taking the decision for an adventure holiday fully informed and with good conscience. We thank the authors for their contributions and guests who spent time with us in Gulmarg for their trust in us and our services. See you soon in Gulmarg or in another exciting spot in the Himalaya.

More information on our programs you find on our website and additional video impressions on facebook

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