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Skiing in Gulmarg with a Guide?

Every ski trip to Gulmarg should become an amazing holiday experience! Enjoying the best powder snow conditions with long runs over untouched terrain and through beautiful landscapes during the day, spending pleasant moments with friends around a wooden heated oven in a cozy lounge or savoring an exotic dish in a warm dining room in the evening and at night regenerating with a good sleep in a comfortable bed with clean sheets and in a centrally heated room – this is what most guests expect from their winter vacation in Gulmarg.

The journey to Gulmarg leads in fact to one of the best and most spectacular powder ski areas of the world – but it also leads into a region which is hardly known, to a ski resort which is still a long way from what most guests are used to, into a different culture area, to a remote settlement where tourism infrastructure is still primarily oriented towards summer guests, to a mountain which due to its exposure and topography presents a considerable danger potential and to a village where most service providers (ski shops, ski instructors, guides, hotels, etc.) are just at the beginning of the learning process on how to professionally deal with winter sports’ guests. Read more »